Could you look into the eyes of a child and say their life isn’t worth $6? Or, for that matter, a child’s mother whose sole purpose is to provide a safe, healthy life for each member of her family? Of course, you couldn’t. Every child deserves this basic human right and we all have $6 to share. All we need to do is trade the cost of two trips to our favorite coffee shop or six downloads on iTunes or that one, super burrito lunch…and we’ll all have six dollars in our pockets. It’s really that simple. And, if we do this each and every month, we’ll continue to provide clean, safe water to another needy child in a village in Uganda, for up to twenty five years. That’s right, $6 a child, each month, for the life of the water well. Wouldn’t it feel good and right to give the gift of water, something we all take for granted each and everyday? Currently, these children and their Moms walk up to three miles a day, one way, to fetch 40 pounds of contaminated, dirty water. Unfortunately, these young girls have traded an early education for this six mile trek which they do, sometimes twice a day. It’s time to reach into that pocket and give $6 now. Just tap the Give Water button and notice how wonderful it feels to give clean, fresh water to a needy child in Uganda.

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