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One of the most crucial and beneficial aspects of grade school is broadening a child's community. Wells of Life is proud to announce that Canyon Vista Elementary, along with charity Water for Haiti,  held a "Walk for Water" on May 19, 2017 to raise funds for both causes. Excited students from 1st Grade all the way to 5th Grade spent their lunch recess attending the event. 
Even though the event is called "Walk for Water," nothing could stop all five groups of kids from running their hearts out. All of the kids were filled with a bright enthusiasm as they walked, jogged, and sprinted as many laps as possible in the time allowed, despite it being one of the hottest days in May.
Each student carried their own "potable water" jugs on their walk/run. These jugs represent their donations, each of which helps to bring fresh water to those Ugandans in need.  In their efforts, they raised a total of $3300. But the students aren't the only ones who helped out this year. Teachers also had a hand in the event, one of whom donated a whopping $500!
Thanks again to Canyon Vista Elementary and Colleen O'Connor for believing in Wells of Life, for giving to those in need, and for sharing the love in your hearts. 

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