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For the second year in a row Wells of life was asked to contribute to a special feature by USA Today that highlights world hunger (link here:  http://www.impactingourfuture.com/hunger/how-hunger-strains-our-health-care-system). We were asked to provide a contribution about the key role water plays in what affects over two billion people today.
It is never easy to condense a large subject down into a few short paragraphs. However, in a world where people's attention span has shrunken down to seconds my efforts were to place water (or the lack of access to it ) as the key driver of poverty today. The main focus of the short article took the famous quote from Archimedes that said "Give me a lever and a place to stage and I can move the world". The idea of having a lever shows us how humanity can be swayed by one single idea. If that idea is strong enough it can be fashioned into a movement that can change the world.
All of us at Wells of Life believe the idea that access to water for all is an idea whose time has come.
Reaching up to four million people wrapped between the covers of the best selling newspaper in America is another step forward for Wells of Life.

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