Children dying of thirst and disease is a heartbreaking reality that cuts across all distinctions of race, gender, class and age. The need for clean water for these children is a cause that unites us all. Our goal and mission at Wells of Life in solving this huge dilemma is very specific and easily attainable. We fund the drilling of water wells in Uganda at a cost of $6,000 per well.  Each brings clean, safe water to 1,000 villagers who presently are denied this basic life necessity.



In order to meet our goal, we’re forming mutually-profitable partnerships with local, national and international companies who choose to support our Founder’s vision…funding 1000 wells in ten years, bringing clean water to over one million villagers. Business leaders and company owners alike, agree that charitable giving, especially if it is tied to the local community, attracts and encourages the right employees as well as strengthening the ties to its existing, loyal customer base.  Likewise, employee surveys show that workers value their company’s charitable activities and take pride in participating in them. The same goes for customers, and when both groups feel good about a business that supports life-saving causes, they are more likely to spread the word…with family, friends and endless, online, business connections.


THE BENEFIT What’s the real benefit in partnering with us? Increased marketing, media  and promotional exposure through every possible communication channel out there, with social media leading the pack. Not to mention, access to our marketing materials and website to visually advertise your  company’s support, efforts and results. It’s truly a win-win situation for all. One of our most impactful giving opportunities is created when your company supports and inspires local school children’s efforts to bring clean water to a village. Whether your company chooses to partner with a school, sponsor an event, create your own unique corporate fundraiser or donate a well,  you’ll be bringing the gift of clean water to the children and families of Uganda. Each partnership will bring us that much closer to reaching our ultimate goal…1000 wells, ten years, one million people drinking clean, safe water.

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