“Family” is universal. We’re all part of a tribe, a social group, a clan. Kindred spirits in a household, under one roof, relating as a complete unit. When you think about yours, what comes to mind? Images of weekly gatherings for Sunday dinner or perhaps going out for pizza on Friday night? No matter what, sustenance of some sort surely is a part of the experience. What if the very thing that you take for granted, each and everyday, was in short supply or maybe out of reach all together? Can you consider for a moment, what it might be like if your water supply ran out? When taking that daily shower, cooking a favorite recipe or drinking even one refreshing glass of it, required an eight mile walk, round trip. It’s unfathomable. Well, for many families in villages all over Uganda, this is their daily plight. They walk for unsafe, dirty water in order to stay alive. And, many don’t survive. In fact, a child dies every 20 seconds due to contaminated, toxic water. Imagine, if you will, that this child was yours. What would the impact be? How would the siblings survive the loss? How could you continue to live? Now is the time to create your own family legacy by bonding with the members of your tribe and giving life to the members of another. Families uniting to raise funds to sponsor a well, are working together on individual fundraisers like lemonade stands, garage sales and donations from birthday and anniversary celebrations. A placque in your family name is placed on the community well you have sponsored with the gift of clean, safe water…this universal lifesource that connects us all.


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