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This month's Volunteer of the Month highlights Erika Uribe. Erika is a key part of our social media team and a key asset for Wells of Life. From Erika:
I really wanted to do something, rather than simply talk about how I was all for helping people out. I got involved when i saw that Wells of Life needed volunteers on VolunteerMatch.com. I reached out to Mike (the operations manager), he set up a meeting, and I was on my way in helping out the organization. So far my experience has been great! Mike is a an incredible, organized, patient and understanding individual. 
The most rewarding part of this experience has been seeing the actual results of what Wells of Life is doing. When I see the faces of the people of Uganda and the actual donors present in pictures that i received from Adrian it is very heartwarming. It's amazing that with only $6, an amount anyone in the US can afford, you can save a child's life. It is also mind boggling that you or me can save a life,  A living person. 
I am passionate about being part of something greater than me, something with a compassionate purpose. A person's health is a basic need, and it's something we have the ability to affect positive change. 
Wells of Life is an amazing organization where I can say the funds are being put to good use. I  see it as a volunteer.  This organization is not just giving out freebies, They give people a basic human right which allows them to not just live, but prosper. I really am moved by this organization and the people who I work closely by. Thank you for letting me be part of this great cause. 

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