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How one race changed the world for a community in rural Uganda. The story behind Cassie's Well.
The story of Well #11 (Cassie's Well) is the story of one woman's determined effort to create a Well in her daughters name. Anne Kelly has always been a runner of medium and long distance races. As one of the earliest supporters of Wells of Life Anne saw an opportunity that would combine her parenting skills and the sport she enjoyed in serving a cause that resonated with her as a mother of a young girl. Anne learned the plight of mothers and their daughters in rural Uganda who live without water and the burden it places on their lives. So many girls just like her daughter Cassie are denied the opportunity of receiving an education simply because they must invest that precious time hauling water.
Anne funded the well she named for her daughter by running a marathon and by the time she hit the finish line a community was saved the hardship of living without water. With some help from a corporate donor Gulf Coast Western in Dallas,Texas Cassie's Well was funded as our 11th water well. Today it delights a mother and her now teenage daughter to know that their efforts have brought life and hope to an entire community in Uganda.
The Story
Cassie’s well was drilled on August 15th, 2010. This well is located in the community of Ading ‘A’ in the Amolatar district of Northern Uganda. The well will support 57 households which is about 500 people whose lives are forever changed because of clean drinking water. The nearest water source to this community was a well which is about 2 miles away. The community is very grateful for the well especially an old lady named Rose who is about 80 years old. Cassie’s well is on her land and a few meters from her hut. She said this well is God sent because she couldn’t walk to the other well and had to plead with people to bring her water.

Additional Info

  • WELL #: 11
  • COMPLETION DATE (OR ESTIMATE): Sunday, 15 August 2010
  • DISTRICT / REGION: Amolatar District – N. Uganda
  • COMMUNITY: Ading ‘A’

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